1800Registry - Cannot believe they want to do real estate

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I dont understand how this company has the audacity to become envolved in the real estate markets.They have not proven they can manage their own business, yet they want to take and hold your hard earned money or that of your parents.

What happens if they go bankrupt, which many of the senior level management has been on companies that have. I think you should trust your local agents that know the area, have a trusted friend give you the referral. Then go buy your house. Do not let this company profit from you.

And just as an aside their CA broker is working out of her home, at least that is the address giving on her brokers lic.


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Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Most people would be better off to shop for a local agent, then to go thru a program like theirs. :?

1800Registry - Watch out dont invest in this company

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1800 registry used to be 1800 wedding and the took alot of investors money.They are ran my a man named Donne Kerestic who also was on the failed management team of Robbins bros.

They are bankrolled by Alliegent Airlines Board Members who have their own travel co so I guess they are tring to expand their travel lines, but in my opinion it is a very big mistake to carry on with this old used up idea.

Especially with this management team in place.A word to the wise do not invest do not use do not do not.....

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I will like you to contact me direct on my email. I have a business proposal to give to your company that will profit you greatly. I await to hear from you soon via my email address.( jonathanwillfill@hotmail.com ), Please get back to me .

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